My books focus on the entrepreneurial journey genre, covering insights about Type II education, career, life-long calling, and not least of all, death. They're still being prototyped.

Entrepreneurial Story Series

  • Amin A.
  • 11 chapters
  • Last edit 1456876800000

Short scenic stories and one-off contrarian contemplations on entrepreneurship, startups, conflict, dreams and death. (100% ready)

The Currency of a Founder

  • Amin A.
  • 10 chapters
  • Last edit 1448582400000

The 17 subtle but deadly conflicts in the quest to build a valuable startup; Narrated by a technical founder and storyteller from inside the trenches (77% ready)

The Traitor in Silicon Valley

  • Amin A.
  • 9 chapters
  • Last edit 1442793600000

Insightful stories of motives, values, strategies and tactics that make possible the culture of conquering technology waves in Silicon Valley. (56% ready)

The Unusual Candidate

  • Amin A.
  • 7 chapters
  • Last edit 1447977600000

When the landlady belittles their struggling father, two unemployed sons watch with pale faces. They conspire to earn power as Top Tier Engineers. (50% ready)