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How will you measure your life?

I used to be the captain of an imaginary ship at age seven, navigating the turbulent waters of revolution and war. At fourteen, the ship became real, and I became a multi-cultured immigrant adventurer. At twenty one I picked up engineering, and started shipping tech products. When I reached twenty eight, I called myself a pirate, an entrepreneur. And my next milestone, at thirty five, is to write advisory essays to help others dream up adventures of their own. You only live once; what will you have left undone in your final moment?


These essays, generously published or cited at times by, Business Insider, CNET, Quora Weekly, Carnegie Mellon University and Social Media fans, deal with surviving and thriving on an entrepreneurial journey:

Technical interview questions

My growing collection of problems for engineers preparing for a technical interview at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, or Amazons of the world:

Basis Ventures

Successful MBA-oriented founders who validate their business model with a prototype and traction are shocked when hitting the wall. The product dies right when the market finally accepts it; the contractors start acting flakey; and the investors are suddenly unwilling to invest in tech resources right when they're needed.

Traction seems to kill a startup before it's reborn.

The best founders, those who validate cheaply, are surprised the most to find out what investors already know: A single invested tech cofounder can replace an entire team of engineering contractors and build a scalable version of their product faster, cheaper and with more versatility than the original. Tech partners are different from engineers: they put their skin in the game.

When the customer complaints start pouring in at 4am and the outsourced team is unresponsive, this point finally sinks in: "I need a tech co-founder, and this company needs a technical leader."

Growing your company to scale?

Partner with Basis Ventures and accelerate the growth of your startup, from a validated basis to your obtainable market.



I have provided value to innovative organizations, such as:

Cox Communications
University of Waterloo
Carnegie Mellon University
Chubb Insurance

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