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Amin Ariana

How will you measure your life?

When I was seven, I was the captain of an imaginary ship. At fourteen, I geared up to be a multi-cultured immigrant adventurer. At twenty one I picked up tech product engineering. When I reached twenty eight, I called myself an entrepreneur. And my next milestone, at thirty five, is to write advisory essays to help others dream up adventures of their own. You only live once; what will you have left undone in your final moment?

Essays published recently

I write about how to survive and thrive on the entrepreneurship path:

Technical interview questions

My growing collection of problems for engineers preparing for a technical interview at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, or Amazons of the world:

BASIS history

In my previous life, I was a career engineer. I've worked at Microsoft, Google and various Silicon Valley startups, helping them increase value, become more efficient, avoid failure, and grow rapidly.

After my corporate life, I started on a quest to make more strategic initiatives and innovations avoid mistakes, seize on opportunities, reach growth quickly and become valuable.

In my current life, I work with CEOs to scale and grow products and product-teams at market-validated new ventures.


I have offered sophisticated solutions to innovative organizations, such as:

Cox Communications
University of Waterloo
Carnegie Mellon University
Chubb Insurance

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I am always happy to meet for coffee in San Francisco to discuss your project. I am confident that my extensive experience will ensure you get a positive return on your investment.

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