Amin Ariana

Exponential Growth Engineer

Amin Ariana is a software industry executive in San Francisco combining Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Entrepreneurship. He writes essays that explore growth strategy for contrarian products. He has served as Tech Cofounder, Chief of Software Engineering, and Advisor at several VC-backed startups operating in San Francisco Bay Area. At his coffee stop along the morning ride, he writes books for future startup founders.

Amin practices as a software entrepreneur. He took charge of Blockchain engineering leadership at Canoo electric car maker since its founding. Prior to that he co-founded several companies in Silicon Valley including Gate Labs, which makes "the World's Most Sophisticated Lock" according to Forbes. He writes essays on Disruptive Product Market Strategy, The Mindset of Startup Culture Management, and Scalable Software Engineering. He works at the growth stage with principled owners that think big, invest long, adapt to truth, and deliver on their contrarian premise.

His books focus on the entrepreneurial journey genre, covering insights about Type II education, career, life-long calling, and not least of all, death. They're still being prototyped.